In pursuit of a safe and enjoyable event for all’
Special Note:  The event takes place on Bidford on Avon  Parish Council property and is used regularly. Please ensure that all movements of exhibits and other vehicles are kept to a minimum and approved by the organisers. All movements must take place at walking pace to minimise damage. No fires are permitted on the meadow ground but raised BBQs are acceptable. All ground damage will be charged to organisers and will be passed onto the exhibitor responsible.
1. All  and working machines must be insured against 3rd party risks including - for display/rally use. Documents should be available for inspection during the event.
2. Steam exhibits must have an insurance and boiler inspection certificate or a valid NTET disc available on rally days.
3 .The ROAD TRAFFIC ACT applies to all the rally site to which the public has access - both Highway and Private Estate, therefore no driving under the influence of drugs,drink and no unlicensed / underage driving is permitted.
4. Movement of vehicles is restricted as detailed in the ‘Special Notes’ above.
5. No exhibit with moving parts, that are accessible to the public, may  be operated unless attended by the exhibitor. The moving parts must be adequately  shielded or otherwise protected to safeguard against accidents.
6. No running or in-steam exhibit is to be left unattended at any time.
7. Where an active demonstration of an exhibit is to be performed, a simple Risk Assessment and Method Statement may be required by the organisers. The forms can be supplied on request
8. Applications for exhibits less than 25 years old will only be considered if the exhibits are of exceptional interest. Priority will be given to entrants exhibiting for the  longest period.
9. Club Entries: To ensure club members are located together -they should arrive as a group and then pass through the Exhibitor Gate to the display lines as a group but must register each exhibit separately.
10. Any exhibit classes which are oversubscribed will be subject to a vetting process to ensure fair distribution of entry passes and the maintenance of the overall quality of that class. Exhibitors must display their class numbers whilst on rally site.
11. Exhibitors may arrive from 12 NOON on Thursday  May 10th. All exhibitors should try to in position by 8.00pm Friday May 12th at the latest. The rally site must be clear of all exhibits by 2.00pm on Monday May 15th.  ANY ARRIVALS OR DEPARTURES outside the these times/dates are only permitted by prior arrangements with the event organisers.
12.  Arrival/Departure. Exhibitors must arrive before 10.00am & remain until 4.30pm on rally days except by prior agreement with the organisers.
13. PLEASE NOTE: - No entry to the venue without the correct passes or tickets. Exhibitors Passes are only valid if used with the exhibit to which they were issued, unless an exhibit substitution has been agreed with the organisers. They are only valid before 10.00 am on show days.
14. All stand based exhibitors and traders are reminded that they must conform to precautions against fire within any allocated space and in any  or other temporary or moveable structure erected or installed within such allocated spaces.
15. Under current Fire Safety Regulations, all traders are required to supply a fire extinguisher, which conforms to these regulations, at their stand.
16. Any exhibitor structures are only to be erected with the prior knowledge of the organisers and where the public has access must conform to current Fire Safety Regulations.
17. All persons must pay proper regard to the instructions of the rally stewards and conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause a hazard or inconvenience to others.
18.’ Overnighters’ are reminded that there is a close residential community. During night-time “quiet hours” please refrain from noise or disturbances. All generators,on rally site, must be turned off by midnight.
19. Please do not allow dogs to roam free or foul the meadow/rally site.
20. All traders must remove their trade rubbish from the rally site and not use the bins provided.
21. Waste  points & toilets will be provided. The public toilet block will be open from 7.00am to 9.00pm daily
22. Security is provided on site 24hrs each day of the event at the Main Entrance. Gates will locked at 10.00pm and re-opened at 6.00 am each day.